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Please provide your details on this form so that we can provide you with access credentials for CHAVI. 

There are two roles you can select:

  1. Data Viewer : These users can download data from CHAVI.
  2. Data Provider : These users can upload de-identified imaging data to CHAVI.

You can select both roles at the time of registration. 

Please click the "Go to Next Page" button below to start filling your data. You can navigate back and forth between pages by clicking the appropriate buttons. 

Contact Details

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Please enter the institute or organization you are affiliated with. If you are a freelancer or not affiliated with an institute or would prefer not reveal the same please leave this blank.
Please select your country location. We use this information to provide aggregate reports to facilitate further funding for CHAVI. 

Role Selection

Institutional Review Board or Institutional Ethics Committee approval(s)  is required for all data providers for CHAVI. Data viewers do not need approvals unless specifically noted on the datasets they wish to download. Our team members will notify you if a specific approval is required before the dataset can be used. 

Roles in CHAVI


Please select your desired role in CHAVI
A data provider provides de-identified imaging and clinical data for the CHAVI databank
A data viewer is able to download de-identified imaging and clinical data from CHAVI databank
Please enter a brief description of the project for which you would like to use the images obtained from CHAVI databank. If you do not have a project idea in mind right now you can leave this blank. We can also help you contact dataset contributors who can collaborate with you for the research. 
Has this project received IRB Approval
Please tell us if you have received IRB approval for the project you propose. Some datasets may need IRB approval prior to use. 
CHAVI Data upload institutional approval
Please indicate if your institution has approved upload of deidentified DICOM and Clinical data in the CHAVI databank.


Legal framework and ethical use of data

  1. Tata Medical Center, Kolkata (TMC) and Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT KGP) offer this image repository to encourage cross-disciplinary science. Some of this data may already be published or in public domain. In addition, confidential information may be posted which has not yet been published or is subject of patent applications yet to be filed. Data may also be subject to copyright and commercial use may be protected under India and foreign copyright laws. Other parties may retain rights to publish or reproduce these documents. In addition, some data may be the subject of patent applications or issued patents, and you may need to seek a license for its commercial use. These exceptions are listed on our Data Usage Policies page. 
  2. If you are a contributor submitting data to this image repository, you are certifying that you are the original source of this data and are authorized to release the data that is permitted by your local IRB, when relevant. 
  3. You also certify that you will consult with your institution’s technology development office before posting or disclosing confidential information which may be patentable. 
  4. You may browse, download, and use the data for commercial, scientific and educational purposes. However, you may encounter documents or portions of documents contributed by private institutions or organisations. 
  5. TMC and IIT KGP do not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for accuracy, completeness or usefulness of information in this archive. Every effort will have been made to remove private health information (PHI) from images both by the submitter and again by tested automatic de-identification processes by TMC and IIT KGP as required by the law, i.e., appropriate safeguards to ensure that protected health information (PHI) is not used or disclosed inappropriately. Nonetheless ethical principles command all users to make no attempt to identify individuals from whatever data elements and metadata remain. By continuing with this registration process, you understand that all necessary information describing the use of the system is detailed in the online help documentation.

User Registration Privacy Statement

The CHAVI web portal requires users to register. The use of this information is to allow the TMC and IIT KGP to continuously improve the image repository as a charitable service. This information may be disclosed to researchers for research purposes, and to other registered repository users for commercial, scientific and educational purposes. Submission of this information is voluntary.

The CHAVI web portal also records IP addresses and aggregated user query information. The user registration data, IP addresses and aggregated user query information are used for TMC and IIT KGP internal reporting purposes only to allow for improvement of the web portal based on users needs. We do not give, share, sell or transfer any personal information to a third party. When inquiries are e-mailed to us, we store the question and the e-mail address information so that we can respond electronically. Unless otherwise required by statute, we do not identify publicly who sends questions or comments to our web site. We will not obtain information that will allow us to personally identify you when you visit our site, unless you chose to provide such information to us. To assure the integrity of information on this server, we reserve the right to monitor system access if malicious actions are taken to disable our on-line services or intentionally gain unauthorised access to CHAVI systems.

Data Upload Policy

Data upload in CHAVI databank is contingent on the user accepting the following terms and condition: 

  1. The user agrees to obtain appropriate institutional and regulatory approvals prior to data upload in the CHAVI databank.
  2. The user agrees to provide CHAVI with a copy of the IRB, Institutional and any required regulatory approvals prior to uploading data on CHAVI.
  3. The user agrees to use the CHAVI de-identification software for appropriate deidentification of DICOM and Clinical data. 
  4. The user agrees that the de-identification software will be installed in a local computer which will have access control through a password. 
  5. The user agrees to only upload DICOM and Clinical data de-identified using the CHAVI de-identification software. 
  6. User agrees that the administrators of CHAVI databank will verify that the de-identified data appropriately before it is made publicly available in the CHAVI databank. 
  7. User agrees to select a licence for the provided data. CHAVI administrators may choose a more restrictive licence for datasets which require additional protection. 

Data Usage Policy

Data is made available to the users of CHAVI system subject to the following conditions. 

  1. Participants or subjects whose imaging and clinical data is available in the CHAVI system must not be identified or contacted using information available from the CHAVI system or elsewhere.
  2. Users agree that they will not generate or use information like facial features or other information such that identities of research participants or subjects can be disclosed or ascertained.
  3.  Users agree that they will be responsible if the imaging and / or clinical data downloaded by them is used for identifying or contacting research subjects or participants in the future. 
  4. Users agree to log into CHAVI using the provided username and password in order to download the images. 
  5. Users agree that CHAVI will maintain a log file which will enable us to associate downloaded imaging and clinical data with the user who is initiating the download. 
  6. User agrees to acknowledge in all oral or written presentations, disclosures as well as publications the specific dataset.  
  7. Data usage policy information is provided with each dataset in the CHAVI system. The user agrees to use the data pursuant to the aforementioned data usage policy. Most datasets are available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) licence. Read more about the licence here.

CHAVI Acknowledgement Policy

All individuals and groups are free to use the CHAVI de-identified dataset for their own research and development. It is imperative that you always refer to the website (https://chavi.ai/) and cite this article.
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In addition to this, you may also cite the following manuscripts related to data de-identification and organization.
[2]. Kundu, Surajit, Santam Chakraborty, Sanjoy Chatterjee, Syamantak Das, Rimpa Basu Achari, Jayanta Mukhopadhyay, Partha Pratim Das et al. "De-identification of Radiomics data retaining longitudinal temporal information." Journal of medical systems 44, no. 5 (2020): 1-15.

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