This page has the list of all fields in the CHAVI database.

CHAVI hosts a wealth of clinical data related to the patients from whom the images have been obtained. This data is available in a relational database which allows you to construct complex queries to search the image data. Thus not only can you access this data of the dataset as a whole but you can also access data across different projects. The database architecture is described in the database page. This page has the list of all available database fields for which clinical data may be available. Please note that data in all fields may not be available for all patients.

Please note that this is the data dictionary and to search the available data you need credentials for the CHAVI repository

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Data Base Table Name brachytherapy: This table has the data regardiing brachytherapy received by the patient.
Database Table Field ID Field Type Data Stored in Field Allowed Values
brachytherapy brachytherapy_site Character

Volumes which were radiated

brachytherapy brachytherapyend_date Date

Date when brachyherapy was completed or ended

brachytherapy brachytherapystart_date Date

Date in which brachytherapy was started


Data Base Table Name radionucleidetherapy: This table has data on the radionuclide therapy received by the patient
Database Table Field ID Field Type Data Stored in Field Allowed Values
radionucleidetherapy radionuclidecycles Integer

Number of time when radionuclide therapy was delivered

radionucleidetherapy radionuclidedose Float

Dose of radionuclide given in Bequrel

radionucleidetherapy radionuclideend_date Date

Date when radionuclide therapy was completed

radionucleidetherapy radionuclidegiven Boolean

If radionuclide therapy was given

1, 0
radionucleidetherapy radionuclidestart_date Date

Date when radionuclide therapy was started

radionucleidetherapy radionuclidetype Character

Type of radionuclide isotope therapy used