This page has the list of all fields in the CHAVI database.

CHAVI hosts a wealth of clinical data related to the patients from whom the images have been obtained. This data is available in a relational database which allows you to construct complex queries to search the image data. Thus not only can you access this data of the dataset as a whole but you can also access data across different projects. The database architecture is described in the database page. This page has the list of all available database fields for which clinical data may be available. Please note that data in all fields may not be available for all patients.

Please note that this is the data dictionary and to search the available data you need credentials for the CHAVI repository

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Data Base Table Name diagnosis: Links to patient information and has information on the diagnosed disease. All treatment data and recurrence data links to the diagnosis table.
Database Table Field ID Field Type Data Stored in Field Allowed Values
diagnosis diagnsosis_site Character

Subsite of the disease. For example oral cavity in case anatomic site is Head Neck

diagnosis laterality Boolean

Laterality of the disease

Left, Right, Midline, Bilateral, Not Applicable
diagnosis pathology Character

Field storing pathology type of the disease. Usually taken from the patholgy type

diagnosis recurrence Boolean

Yes / No field indicating if the diagnosis is of a recurrent cancer

0, 1

Data Base Table Name stageinformation: Has information on the staging performed. Links to diagnosis
Database Table Field ID Field Type Data Stored in Field Allowed Values
stageinformation mstage Character

M Stage without the m prefix

stageinformation neoadjuvanttherapygiven Boolean

If neoadjuvant therapy has been given before staging is done

1, 0
stageinformation nstage Character

N stage without the n prefix

stageinformation overallstage Character

Overall stage (some staging systems may only allow this to be assigned)

stageinformation recurrentdisease Boolean

Is the staging for recurrent disease. 

1, 0
stageinformation stagingdone Boolean

Is the staging done for this diagnosis.

1, 0