This page has the list of all fields in the CHAVI database.

CHAVI hosts a wealth of clinical data related to the patients from whom the images have been obtained. This data is available in a relational database which allows you to construct complex queries to search the image data. Thus not only can you access this data of the dataset as a whole but you can also access data across different projects. The database architecture is described in the database page. This page has the list of all available database fields for which clinical data may be available. Please note that data in all fields may not be available for all patients.

Please note that this is the data dictionary and to search the available data you need credentials for the CHAVI repository

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Data Base Table Name mensthistory: Stores data on menstrual history
Database Table Field ID Field Type Data Stored in Field Allowed Values
mensthistory menarche_age Integer

Age at menarche

mensthistory menpause_attained Boolean

If patient has attained menopause

1, 0
mensthistory pain_with_periods Boolean

If patient had pain with menstrual periods

1, 0

Data Base Table Name habits: This table has information on the substance abuse related habits the patient may have or had in the past. The table is linked again to patientinfo table.
Database Table Field ID Field Type Data Stored in Field Allowed Values
habits currentuseofsubstance Boolean

Is the patient a current user of the substance as on the date of assessment

1, 0
habits durationsubstanceusestop Integer

Duration in years since when substance was last used. Would be 0 in case it is being currently used

habits substance_duration_year Integer

Duration was substance was abused. The duration is measured in years

habits substance_qty Float

Quantity of substance used

habits substance_unit Character

Unit in which the quantity is measured

Pack-hours, milligram, millilitre, number
habits substance_used Character

Type of substance used


Data Base Table Name personalhistory: Stores data on personal history
Database Table Field ID Field Type Data Stored in Field Allowed Values
personalhistory immunizationstatus Boolean

If patient has been immunized

1, 0