Please refer to the following paper when citing CHAVI:

Kundu S, Chakraborty S, Mukhopadhyay J, Das S, Chatterjee S, Achari RB, et al. Design and Development of a Medical Image Databank for Assisting Studies in Radiomics. J Digit Imaging [Internet]. 2022 Feb 15; Available from:

When using the CHAVI De-identification system please cite the following paper:

Kundu S, Chakraborty S, Chatterjee S, Das S, Achari RB, Mukhopadhyay J, et al. De-Identification of Radiomics Data Retaining Longitudinal Temporal Information. J Med Syst. 2020 Apr 2;44(5):99.

Additionally if you are using a dataset for your research please cite it using the appropriate citing information provided in the dataset page.