Data upload in CHAVI databank is contingent on the user accepting the following terms and condition: 

  1. The user agrees to obtain appropriate institutional and regulatory approvals prior to data upload in the CHAVI databank.
  2. The user agrees to provide CHAVI with a copy of the IRB, Institutional and any required regulatory approvals prior to uploading data on CHAVI.
  3. The user agrees to use the CHAVI de-identification software for appropriate deidentification of DICOM and Clinical data. 
  4. The user agrees that the de-identification software will be installed in a local computer which will have access control through a password. 
  5. The user agrees to only upload DICOM and Clinical data de-identified using the CHAVI de-identification software. 
  6. User agrees that the administrators of CHAVI databank will verify that the de-identified data appropriately before it is made publicly available in the CHAVI databank. 
  7. User agrees to select a licence for the provided data. CHAVI administrators may choose a more restrictive licence for datasets which require additional protection.